Morning Notes

United Prairie Ag Partners with Syngenta and Conestoga

United Prairie Ag (UPA) is pleased to announce an agreement with Syngenta Seed, LLC and Conestoga Energy Partners, LLC authorizing UPA to be a purchaser and handler of Enogen Grain. With this agreement, UPA will handle Enogen Grain beginning in the 2019 crop year at its Moscow facility. Contracting for the 2019 crop year could begin as early as Friday, Oct 19th. Producers will receive a premium of 25 cents per bushel on the Enogen Grain brought into UPA.

Should you have any questions, please contact a Syngenta Seed Representative or United Prairie Ag’s Grain Department. UPA will be diligent to offer more information as our new endeavor unfolds. We are excited to offer this opportunity for our customers, as well as able to partner with other companies in the ag industry.

Thank you for your business,

The Staff at United Prairie Ag

Morning Tidbits
Grains are weaker in the overnight session. Wheat is down 7 cents, corn is down a penny and beans are down 3 cents.

CZ support is near 3.73 then 3.69. Resistance 3.80 then 3.95. CZ testing resistance near 3.80. Support is from solid demand for US corn and low USDA US and World stocks forecast.

SX support 8.80 then 870. Resistance 9.00. SX remains is a broad trading range between 8.20 and 9.00. Key is to price direction is US China trade relations.

Chart of the Day
The national corn harvest has slowed in each of the last two weeks, moving from a 10% gain, to 8%, to 5% last week; the campaign remains ahead of average and last year due to strong ongoing progress in the ECB as well as MO. Mean-while, the U.S. soybean harvest advanced by only 6% last week, compared to an average gain of 17% on that comparable week; only IL and IN remain ahead of their respective five year average paces, with MN, IA, and SD now falling to 30%+ behind average after near-zero action last week.