Who We Are

Mission Statement: A strong, efficient, diversified, user-friendly agri-business that is focused on providing value that enhances the profitability of customers engaged in agricultural production.

Your Full-Service Ag Partner 

United Prairie Ag (UPA) was formed in January 2006 and is a joint venture between Cropland Co-op Inc. and ADM Grain Division.

UPA is a full-service agriculture partner, offering grain operations, agronomy products and services, refined fuels and marketing expertise. We operate elevator facilities in nine communities, with a total of 25 million bushels of well-maintained storage capacity.

UPA is also the managing partner for Santa Fe Grain Terminal, a joint venture with Skyland Grain and ADM.

How UPA is different, better

  • Your partner for every stage–planning, production, harvest, and marketing.
  • Strength in capacity, buying power, efficiencies, and more.
  • Strategically located facilities save you time and money.
  • Experienced team committed to your success; recognized by the state of Kansas for its commitment to safety
  • Access to the best and latest products and services related to seed, fertilizer, crop protection and market intelligence.

Contact us to learn more about our tools and strategies for managing and growing your operations.