Dry Buttermilk - Central and East

     Buttermilk - Eastern and Central U.S.

     Report 24 - Released on June 14, 2018

     Central: Dry buttermilk prices were steady on a slow trading week, in what has been a slow
     trading month. Most spot sale prices are trending toward the north end of the range, but
     large volume trades may be anchoring prices somewhat. As ice cream manufacturers are in the
     market for condensed buttermilk, and condensed skim has priority in the dryer, spot sales
     and market movements have been somewhat limited. Inventories are reportedly tight. Some
     contacts suggest balanced inventories are helping to maintain a bullish market. While nonfat
     dry milk markets are shaky, dry buttermilk tones are maintaining some buoyancy.

     East: Dry buttermilk prices and market tone are unchanged with limited trading occurring
     this week. There are heavier volumes of cream moving to ice cream production, creating less
     churning and less dry buttermilk availability. Producers´┐Ż stocks are tight to closely
     balanced for the steady, mostly contractual demand. Less-than- truckload transactions were
     noted at higher prices. There is some noteworthy buyer hesitancy to take on full loads, as
     inventories could strengthen when ice cream production becomes less of a factor in the cream
     Prices for: Eastern and Central U.S., All First Sales, F.O.B., Conventional, and Edible
     Price Range ; $/LB:                                    .7100 - .8200

     Information for the period June 11 - 15, 2018, issued weekly

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