Refined Fuels

Your Fuel Partner

Southwest Kansas Cooperative Services (SWKS) is a joint venture between Johnson Cooperative and Cropland Cooperative.

Our goal is to provide you with the most reasonable prices available, adding to your profitability. We also try to protect you from the volatility of today's petroleum markets through forward contracting.

We operate several pay-at-the-pump fueling locations that accept credit cards and SKCS fuel cards. Bulk fuel products include unleaded, E-10 ethanol, farm fuel, and road diesel.

Bulk oil brands include:

  • Superlube TMS® 15W-40 diesel oil
  • Superlube 518™ 30W diesel oil
  • Maxtron DEO 15W-40 synthetic blend diesel engine oil
  • Cenex® NGEO 3000 NA 40-W
  • Qwiklift® HTB™ hydraulic transmission oil
  • Indol ISO 22 turbine/hydraulic oil
  • Irriflex® LA 20W40 irrigation oil
  • Irriflex® 30W irrigation oil
  • Irriflex® 40W irrigation oil
  • Irriflex® 50W Irrigation oil
  • Irrigation drip oil
  • Dura-Life® bulk oil storage system - System includes: two 120-gallon totes with a stand, plumbing, and drip pan

Contact our refined fuel experts for more information about our fuel products, pricing, and services.